About mySavu.com


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mySavu Inc. hit the landscape as a new startup that wanted to change the way that campuses interacted with their surrounding communities. The idea of mySavu Inc. was conceived at Wake Forest University by Brett Apter and Ben Comer and quickly caught on as business owners were eager to better reach their surrounding communities. The concept of mySavu is simple... provide a platform for business owners to offer information, menus, discounts, and giveaways for their business in one location - built and run by their target audience, college students.

Business owners have been eagerly seeking this opportunity to alert students to their existence, and students are quickly responding by using the site as an interactive platform from which they can venture out further into the surrounding community.

What We Do

In summary, our website www.mySavu.com provides the opportunity for businesses to reliably communicate and advertise to college campuses. Built by college students for college students, mySavu Inc. discovered the key to effectively connecting college communities with off-campus businesses. Our website gives local business owners a cost-effective platform to advertise specifically to the campus community by posting discounts, giveaways, and menus. mySavu helps students, faculty, and university employees find local campus-friendly businesses and offers money-saving opportunities. It is through this strategy that potential customers are motivated to habitually revisit the site and, in turn, give your business more time in the spotlight.

The campus nearby your business is overflowing with potential and mySavu is the opportunity! By knowing what students respond to first-hand, mySavu can capture student and staff’s interests and direct it in your business’s direction. We get your name out there to the campus customer base!